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Benefits of Trees

A list of scientifically proven benefits of urban forests compiled by Alliance for Community Trees (ACTrees). “These facts come directly from primary research conducted by professional scientists, with all citations noted.” The list also looks at the economic value that the benefits of trees provide for people.

Planting Trees Can Help Combat Climate Change and Clean the Air.

  • Science magazine published an article on July 05, 2019 stating that the restoration of trees is one of the most effective carbon drawdown solutions to date. The study found that even without planting on farms and grasslands there are still spaces to plant an extra 0.9 billion hectares of canopy cover. This could store 205 gigatonnes of carbon. That is the equivalent of two-thirds of the carbon emitted by human activity since the industrial revolution. They also stated the importance of planting trees quickly because climate change could alter the potential tree coverage significantly in a short amount of time.
  • Trees clean the air by absorbing toxic airborne particles through their leaves, bark and roots. In cities particulates come primarily from car exhaust, brake pads, and road dust and can contain metals, such as iron and lead. These particles can make heart disease, asthma, and other health conditions worse when inhaled. The presence of trees improves air quality and contributes to a healthier and cleaner environment. Effects of urban trees in Los Angeles on air quality:

Street Trees Will Help Reduce Water Pollution.

Slows Traffic and Reduces Accidents

Improved Physical and Mental Health

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