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Early Tree Care

Tree care, especially during the first three years, is an important part of building a sustainable and healthy urban forest.


When our trees are first put into the ground they are watered immediately with 10-15 gallons of water.

After that trees are deep watered once every two weeks by our restoration staff.

More water would be helpful for the trees. If you would like to help give some extra water to a street tree near your neighborhood check out our Get Involved tab!


A layer of mulch 3 inches high was put around all of our street trees. The mulch helps to retain soil moisture and inhibits weeds.

When adding a mulch basin it is important to keep the mulch 2-3 inches form the base of the tree. If the mulch is up against the tree it will keep this area too moist and will attract fungi and other pathogens. This can cause the root crown to rot or grow adventitious roots which choke the tree as these roots get thicker.


Pruning is important for the development of the trees and for creating a strong foundation for the tree.

Our restoration staff was trained on proper pruning techniques by the City’s arborist Ben.

We learned that it is important to remove sick, damaged, and dead branches. Also that you should remove branches that cross each other to avoid problems when the tree grows and they get thicker.

More pruning tips.

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