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Upcoming Volunteer Events

Join us on World Wetlands Day! February 1st @ Hope Park from 9:30am - 11:00am Our next tree planting event will be combined with our restoration event for World Wetlands day. Come plant trees and do some restoration at Hope Park and Upper Struve Slough. We will be providing snacks and gloves. We suggest bringing, sunscreen, a hat, and good shoes. Don’t forget your REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE. You can receive community service hours for the work.

Adopt a Tree

As explained in the Early Tree Care tab, caring for a newly planted tree requires a lot of work. Our restoration staff does their best to care for each tree but a little extra love never hurt. This where you come in. You can adopt a tree one of two ways or you can do BOTH!

  1. You can support a tree financially
  2. You can care for a tree once a week

By donating $500 - $700 (depending on location) or 30 hours to a tree you will get an adoption certificate and you can name your tree. We will also put a metal plaque with your name and the tree’s name next to the tree. The money for the tree adoption will help cover the cost of tree maintenance and make it possible for us to add more trees in the future.

Adoptive tree parents that chose to donate time instead of money will have 3 care duties.

  1. Watering: You should give your tree 5 gallons of water every other week or weekly if possible. Make sure you do not skip watering during the summer!
  2. Maintain the Mulch Basin: Check that the mulch basin around the tree is 2 inches away from the root crown to prevent the area from getting too moist and making the tree vulnerable to root rot. You also need to remove any weeds in the mulch basin.
  3. Post photos: Once every three months, post a photo of your tree so people looking at the website can see the progress of your work. Include a ruler or measuring tape so the public can see changes in the diameter of the trunk. Include photos of the mulch basin to remind others to care for theirs as well.

Plant a Tree at Home

The goal of phase one is to add 8,000 new trees to Watsonville’s urban forest. If you are planning on planting a tree at your house send us a photo of you planting the tree and one of the tree by itself. When you send your photo feel free add any information you might know about the tree. Once we have reviewed the information, we will email you a link so you update information on your tree every 6 months and show us its progress.

Tips for planting a tree

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