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We are currently working on a school yard greening planing grant for Radcliff and Mintie White Elementary and Pajaro and Rolling Hills Middle Schools. Thank you for taking time to fill out the google forms to provide additional feeback for the desings. Please refer to these inspiration boards when giving your feeback. 

Nature Play

A less complicated desing would be some logs and stones for students to walk accross/ climb/ sit on
A more complicated design would be a playground from natural materials. This might be unrealist since it could be expensive. 

Pocket Forests and Green Edges:

Less complicated: plant trees and  in open spaces and shrubs in open areas or existing landscaping areas
More complicated: cut conrete to add new planting spaces, 

Outdoor classrooms:

Less complicated: benches, stumps, logs for sitting on grouped together 
More complicated: an arbor with plants for shade, an ampitheater  

Food Gardens

Sensory and Botanical gardens:

Less complicated: in ground planting spaces or wood planter beds
Does not require a lot of work from the civil engineer

Rain Gardens:

Less complicated: installing a rain water catchment tank
More complicated: cutting concrete and using plants to create a space for water to drain into the ground, a green wall, an art piece to direct water (see additional examples by clicking on the link below)
Storm water alternatives

Food Production Gardens:

Less complicated: garden with planter beds or food forest style garden
Does not require a lot of work from the civil engineer 


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