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Tree Adoption Program

Shade Trees

We have a limited number of trees available so this is on a first-come, first-served basis. The tree species you can chose from are shown in the images below along with some information about their growth pattern. You can learn more about the species on our Species List tab. If the species you prefer is not  available then we can work with you to find an alternative. The trees also come in a variety of pot sizes but the majority are under 5 gallons.

Once we have confirmed the adoption we will coordinate a pick up day where you can come get your tree. Pick up will be at the Wetlands Education Resource Center, located at the back parking lot of Pajaro Valley High School. If you do not have a car and can not pick up your tree let us know in the comments. We will schedule only one drop off day.

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Monterey Cypress
Coast Live Oak
Cork Oak
Island Mallow
Pacific Wax Myrtle
Creekside Dog Wood
Western Red Cedar
Coast Redwood
Sour Gum
Sawleaf Zelkova
Bigtooth Maple

Trees provide benefits like clean air, shade, improved water quality, and capturing atmospheric carbon to help cool the global climate. Learn all about the benefits of trees by checking out this tab on our website.

To give your new tree the best chance of survival, it is important to plant and water your tree properly for some tips please refer to this video by City Plants an organization in Los Angeles. Please note that we will only provide the tree. The rest of the materials are up to you. For additional tips refer to the Early Tree Care section of our About the Trees tab at the Watsonville Community Forest website.

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