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Watsonville Wetlands Watch Launches the Sustainable Fruits Program


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CCLI Intern Alan who just finished helping a little boy adopt an Oak tree and looks over at CCLI intern Merrsy as she helps a Watsonville Resident pick out an apple tree

In 2021 Wetlands Watch recieved a donation from a generous person who wants to get 600 fruit trees out to Watsonville residents. During Earth month in April, Wetlands Watch piloted the program by giving away 40 Yellow Pippin Apple trees at the Farmer's markets in the Plaza and Ramsay Park. The highschool interns form the Climate Corps Leadership Institute helped with giving out the trees and sharing tree care information. The trees went quickly as people were excited to learn that they were free. The goal of this program is to help increase access to organic fruit for Watsonville residents and help them live a more sustainable lifestyle. To learn about how growing your own fruit can make your life more sustainable check out our tab Adopt a Fruit Tree: Sustainable Fruits

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